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Looking to finally have REAL fun on a dance floor in metro Boston or Southern NH?.......You've come to the right place for hustle dancing!

We're all about Hustle Dancing. No, no, forget the movie - this is about the best known Latin Hustle, or NY Hustle dance. Some just call it real hustle dancing

It's a beautiful partners dance created in 1972, and  has grown into America's hot, graceful, sexy and fun dance - with the widest range of music and tempo of any US dance!​

This is a volunteer-effort site dedicated to hustle dancing. We're proud to post unique information, much of it is not available anywhere else in the world. For instance, we have the world's largest collection of hustle dancing competition results, the world's largest hustle dancing FREE playlist, and the world's largest selection of hustle dancing shirts available for sale. This is an independent site, we are not related to any other site in the world, internationally, or in the galaxy. We hope you enjoy it!

After more than 40 years, Hustle dancing has emerged as the premier US dance...

It's not a 70's obsession - it's a national treasure!

The earliest Hustle dance formed at the...

Welcome to Hustle Dancing