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It's not a 70's obsession - it's a national treasure!

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This is a brand new page and there is a lot of infrastructure that's

well under way. Give us some time, please, here's what's coming:

  • We have the world's largest collection of hustle dancing competition results, which we will be publishing in no particular order, as our mood (which has been pretty good lately) and labor permits (which hasn't been so much). This is a massive project, if you'd like to assist us it would be greatly appreciated - believe me, we need the help.
  • The competition scholarship program is already running, we hope you'll take advantage of it, and if not, at least tell a new dancer about it.

Int/Adv Hustle J&J
1.  Carey Petit  Angie Cameron           
2.  Doug Rousar  Maren Oslac
3.  Carpio Robles  Sophy Kdep
4.  Mike Andreyko Jill Popovich
5.  Jason Miklic  Danelle Jacoby

Please support these fine hustle dancing competitions!:

1,000's of results coming soon!

        Indy Swing Classic 2007 Results:

Novice Hustle J&J
1.  Jimmy Torres  Marilyn Hall
2.  Dennis Haydanka   Pamela Reckelhoff
3.  Dennis Haydanka  Kelsey Wood

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