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Friday, Feb 14

Stuck In Time, Polcari's

​​So, so many events that are close by !

(In less time than a Kardashians could have already had your first dance with us!.)

***Everything until at least Augus 15th is cancelled***

The CHINA virus has everybody panicked even though there is a +99% survival rate. Check back with us soon!

Friday, Feb 14

Dave Macklin Band, Polcari's

 The World's largest schedule for hustle dancing socially!
 updated Feb. 7. 7:10 p.m. EST  ​​​​​​[Hey, you know that schedules change, band members come and go.... so this list shouldn't be construed as a guaranteed schedule]  Got it? 


It's so easy - unless otherwise noted, every event/band combination is audited and ranked for their friendliness towards couples dancing. This is not a guarantee, hey, we can't promise a perfect night of happiness with so many mental differences.  But by virtue of it being posted here (and it's work to do that) you at least know that somebody already likes them. So if your preferred couples dancing event is not listed, please let us know and we will include it. No charge. And please, do not solicit an event to the couples dancers that might compete against any of the vetted events above. If you still don't get it, need more information, or have suggestions, questions, or problems.........

The stats for this pages since
Jan. 1 2016
Number of dance events posted :823
Events with scheduled male leader available:  Wow!

Just about every Sunday

Tom Pittman, Continental

THE couples dances you've waited a lifetime (or at least a few months) for!:

You will see many listings here for New Hampshire (NH) and Massachusetts (MA) and occasionally the major hustle dancing events across the US. If you know of something that should be posted here, please let us know. 

Everybody on this site plays nice, and we expect you to as well. So if your site forgot to post some events, or accidentally removed them so that others could profit, don't expect yours to be posted here. Play fair!

Saturday, Feb 8

Beau Paris, Winthrop Elks

Watch this video..... and see you on the floor tonight!

Tuesday, February 11

Join the hustlers! at Penuche's Manchester, NH  7-11PM

If you know somebody that wants to learn to dance, teach them.

If you can't teach them, send them to Studio 665 in Woburn.

If you know somebody that hates dancing, fear them.

If you hear of somebody that needs somebody to dance with... that's bad, don't let that happen

make sure they've got somebody to dance with.  Theyll do the same for you some day.

Saturday, Feb 8

Dave Macklin, Polcari's

It's not a 70's obsession - it's a national treasure!