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It's not a 70's obsession - it's a national treasure!

Tybaldt Ulrich's & Simone Assboeck  

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Quick & mesmerizing...

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Learn to Hustle Danc:, ​sassy?

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It's A Partner's Dance!

After more than 40 years, Hustle dancing is still the premier US dance that can be enjoyed in almost any setting. At a nightclub, weddings, social dances, on a cruise, even the dock!

Is it true that it's America's Dance?

It sure is!......What other dance can be so:

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Where did Hustle come from?

The earliest Hustle dance formed at the The Grand Ballroom in NYC, largely from the Mambo, and finally with influence from smooth ballroom. Read more about the rich history here.​

What is this "&1,2,3" thing anways?

The leaders start with a step back on their left foot, while the followers start on their right, and it unusual in the dance world because of it's 3-step nature. It's also thought to be the world's only dance still done in an OOE (odd, odd, even) rhythm. Hustle is further set apart  by it's single rhythm, where most swing styles can be OO, EOO., or EOEO.

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