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It's not a 70's obsession - it's a national treasure!


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So, you thought you knew what happened on July 12th, 1979?....."Disco Demolition night"?     Well maybe not!

Some fun facts:

  • ​The rioting at Comiskey Park was more about intolerance, drunks, the failed rock movement, and rioters vs. disco itself.
  • Hustle dancing came about from soul, funk and the urban music scene of NY City - years before the "disco" music craze. Hustle dancing is one of the most-musically-inclusive of all dances - nearly ANY music will work well! Think Soul Makossa. This soul music video was taken a few weeks ago - you have no idea how much fun they had!
  • They didn't perform a whole lot of hustle dancing in Saturday Night Fever - most of John Travolta's dancing was singles dancing.
  • If anything, Disco held back hustle dancing. According to hustle great Maria Torres: "they thought the Hustle was was freestyle, because that's what John Travolta did."
  • Historians such as Dr. Rob point out some of the wonders of real Disco  - "For the first time in the history of music, during the Disco Era, string instruments were accomplishing feats never intended in their design. No longer content with just adding sweetness to a musical composition in a passive, supportive role, violins, violas, cellos, and harps more than commanded a prominent role; they demanded attention."   "Because the production of each disco masterpiece was so intensive and extensive, as with no other form of music in history, there was no such thing as disco street performers or a disco band, and, as a result, talent sprouted and blossomed in cultural centers with large city symphony and philharmonic orchestras"
  • ​Boston was a hotbed for hustle and disco in the early days, spawning the US's first record  pool for DJ's.  and thousands came to National Disco Awards at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston.
  • You can see the lasting impact of the disco era in Lori Brizzi's  story,  and Dr. Rob's analysis of the "The Impact of The Fall