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FAQ's, Etiquette, and other easy stuff

What goes into the schedule?

A lot! Since hustle dancers prefer to touch each other as much as legally possible on the dance floor, we only list events that are friendly to couples dancing. (there's nothing inherently wrong with wiggling or arm-flapping, it's just not our thing)  The schedule changes constantly to provide variety, account for travel, venue-appropriateness, fun factor,  and fairness to the most active dancers...... those who actually stay to dance with a would-be partner are easier to accommodate - so be one of them, it's not charity - it's fun! If you are unsure of who's going, or which particular event that any of us might be at.... contact us!  If you don't see your preferred outing, contact us

Speaking of accommodating, there's a relationship between the amount of events one attends and how much babysitting it takes to get them there. Keep the first number high and the second one low. wink-wink Got it?  As far as events, we'd love to fit your compelling new event in. Just please refrain from organizing, advertising, or otherwise taking away from the attendance or experience of other couples dancing events. In any case, the goal is fairness to those who offer their hand for a dance, and deference to those who toil for free to set up events.
We're all here to hustle. ...... so play nice!

How come my favorite band or DJ isn't listed?

The single biggest factor holding back a band is a play list that the band loves. Never mind that nonsense, play what the dancers like! Do the songs compel the boys & girls (any combination) to hold hands, or instead hold drinks? Don't forget, songs for couples are uniquely compatible because arm flappers, couples dancers and spectators love them. There are no excuses when you consider that it's the only music genre that can satisfy all three groups. And just because a song has the world " Dance " in the title, that doesn't mean it's danceable. Ah ha, it's not the talent or equipment!  During the breaks, is the band forcing a DJ, or themselves playing bad music (or playing inaudible) to clear the dance floor? Echhhhh, that can get you kicked off this site. Speaker wires on the dance floor won't win you any points, but an occasional announcement by the band to keep the drinks off the dance floor will!  

When will you list my favorite bar or hall?

Probably as soon as you tell us about it because it's so easy to get on this site! Al they need to do is follow standard procedures: Hey, every trained  server knows that there should never be drinks on the dance floor. And their security should know it, right? Easy stuff. When the Isley brothers sang Standing On The Dance Floor, it was about a cute girl waiting a few seconds for her partner to join her - not parking her ass in perpetuity to block the dancers! Did the bar pony up the lousy $3 for a "No-Blocking" sign"? Heck, if they're too cheap contact us and we'll send them one for free! No kidding. Obviously, security should ask the blockers to leave the dance floor. 

Again, this is simple stuff! We look forward to hearing from you on your suggestions of bars for our site. Heavy drinkers and a sticky tile floor won't win you any points, but keeping the chairs and hooligans off the dance floor will! Oh, those ceramic tile floors are KILLERS because they're almost always installed over concrete - transferring all the pain to the dancer. WE WILL GIVE PREFERENCE TO BARS WITH WOOD FLOORS.

Simple things about this site, and hints on how to interact in a less-than-2% neanderthal DNA planet:

Copyright owned by this site, all rights reserved. We make no money as it is, so be nice by not copying, stealing, pilfering, or otherwise abusing us without contacting us first. Things are extraordinarily simple here, shockingly so to the point that even I'm amazed. If you want your link posted on this site, all you have to do is ask politely and hug me the next time you see me on the dance floor. Don’t hack me, no email Trojan virus bombs, just ask and reciprocate with our link before you contact us. If you don’t have professional, direct, and current pro-hustle URL’s, then you need to get to work, or not - hire somebody if you must. Also, please do not send files unless it's particularly juicy reading, or expect me to cull through your literary masterpieces looking for stuff. I have precious little, and unpaid, time - be right to the point and send me the end product instead of wasting time with drafts. If your request/site is all mumbo-jumbo or busted up into multiple links, kindly do some work on your site and fix that too so that you can send just a single URL that has all the meat in it.  The girls come first, and every second wasted at a keyboard comes directly out of the study and practice time that was supposed to be theirs - don't cut into their time. So no matter who is running an event, consider that he/she might be working really hard, by communicating only by their preferred method and never troll for information. Incessantly trying to decode the marketing programs, or delving into the list of attendees is inappropriate. If the event is appealing, and particularly if the organizer has a good track record, it will be more than just a little annoying and suspicious if you are trolling an event that you aren't attending. If we catch you involved in anything even remotely resembling this behavior, you get kicked off our mailing list without warning. Hey, we weren't kidding when we said things are easy here!
One last thing about accidents, which happen, and an accident is accidental, hence the name. Accordingly, nothing on this site constitutes a guarantee,contract, or promise in any way. Hey, you are visiting our site for free, so you already got more than you paid for!

Amendment requests are taken very seriously - anybody can make them!

They are handled following standard procedures because they affect the reputation of this site, the growth of hustle dancing, or individual dancers. If you are visiting this site, you can be assured that we follow state law  and go beyond by taking extra steps to ensure accuracy of material on this site, and swiftly address issues related to: erratum, corrigendum, retraction or addendum:
Erratum. Notification of an error that effects dancing, vendors, dancers, or technical material.
Corrigendum. Notification of an error made by author(s) that affects any aspect of hustle dancing. Independent review may be used to settle these.
Retraction. We may retract incorrect material upon notification, subject to independent review.
Addendum. Addenda will be used when it is critical to the reader's understanding of any portion of this site.